Web pages, intranet systems and mobile applications


What can we do?


Personalized web pages

Our favourite Web Page attributes are perfect graphics, modern design, sophisticated UX and easy user control in general. We complete all of these features with modern yet functional trends and technologies.


Intranet systems

We prepare all the complex and complicated systems so they are sturdy inside, quick, solid, and easy to maintain. All of this while being attractive and easy to use for your employees.


Mobile applications

Most of all we love to work on a mixture of applications for all kinds of different platforms. We will choose the right technologies, so the final product is the best application for any and every platform.

Who we are?

We are digital agency. We love to play with modern technologies. We always set up the application so it has everything that the client expects. We always try to put our own inventions and knowledge into any inquiry, which then leads to a modern, quick, sexy, and truly user-friendly application. One you simply must have.

David Šmehlík - alchymista

David Šmehlík

project manager

Despite not being involved in IT development himself for a couple of years, he always checks on all the developers and personally checks and proofs every application, so it is perfect.

Jakub Danielka

Jakub Danielka

account director

He talks to our clients with great patience on how to maximize a profit of client‘s online channels and discuss how to properly set up their digital strategies.